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  “MNIPI” Public Joint Stock Company is one of the leading research and production centres in the field of electronics instruments. The history dates back to 1954.
  The company has developed and launched production at various enterprises of CIS countries of hundreds of types of electric and radiomeasuring instruments, dosimetric appliances, communications facilities, test and measuring systems, etc. These being

  • more than 40 types of electronic oscilloscopes: С1-76, С1-65А, С1-82, С1-85, С9-7, С1-117, С1-114, С1-114/1, С9-14, Я4С-109, С1-120, С9-18, С1-125, С1-126, С8-19, С8-19/1, С1-127, РС1-01, С8-23, С1-128, РС1-02, С8-28, С1-133, С1-133/1, С1-133/2, C1-142, С1-145, С1-148, С1-149, С1-127/2, С1-150, С1-151, С1-157, С1-157/1, С1-157/2, С1-164, С1-166, С1-166/1, C8-33, С8-34, С8-35, С8-36, С9-28, С9-19, С8-38, С8-41;
  • more than 30 types of digital voltmeters, multimeters: В7-23, В7-24, В7-27, В7-28, Я1В-34, В7-34, В7-39, В7-40, В7Э-42, В7-43, В7-45, В7-46, В7-48, В7-49, В7-53, В7-54, В7-57, В7-58, В7-65, В7-66, В7-70, В7-72, В7-77, ВК3-61, В2-38, В2-39, У5-11, ЕК1-6, НК4-1, А2-1, ИЭП, ИПЭП;
  • more than 30 types of instruments to measure HF and microwave signals: panoramic measuring receivers, measuring antennas of 3 MHz to 37 GHz range, microwave signal fluctuation meters (up to 150 GHz);
  • reference measuring instruments, metrological systems and installations;
  • capacitance, inductance and Q-meters (groups E1, E4, E7);
  • dosimetric and radiometric appliances.
    Atomtex” subsidiary company is the main research and development centre as well as a producer of instruments for nuclear industries in the CIS countries;
  • automated test-and-measuring systems. “Ajax” joint venture is the leader in development and supply of mobile and stationary automated metrological laboratories. E-mail: ajax@anitex.by;
  • more than 250 types of LCD devices of the “Display” subsidiary company;
  • The company now is engaged in new projects directed to measuring generators, insulation strength test devices, modular measuring instruments of a new generation, power supplies, electronic frequency meters, etc.

  The quality management system is certified for compliance with the STB ISO 9001-2009 standard requirements.

  The company owns a multifunctional test centre, has a stock of reference and test equipment and instruments.

  The “MNIPI” company runs also a modern production shop, special divisions are engaged in development and production of electronic components.      

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